DSVR Dreams To Reality Project

We are a passionate team of virtual reality developers. In this campaign, we are raising funds in order to help with the costs of launching our very own nonprofit organization. We believe strongly in the accessibility of VR technology and its ability to bring people to places they may not be able to go. Think of a child stuck in a hospital bed who can now go to a virtual Disney Land or travel to the North Pole for the holidays. So few places really explore what can be done and this is something we, as a team, feel the need to change. We have already invested a vast majority of our own savings into building out our company and know that we won’t be able to do this alone. It’s time we reach out to the community to help us dream bigger and bolder than ever before!

Our Patreon Is Live!

Patreon link image for checking us out patreon. We have various supporter options from Discord roles to VIP access to special events! If you can't donate you can always make a big impact by simply sharing our socials and helping spread the word about what were doing in VR! Thank you and please let us know if the alt text helps you so that we can continue providing a focus on this part of the website.